SAMPLE Speeches

‘The four post-covid trends insurers should tap into’
(keynote conference ‘Insurance World Challenges’, Bilbao, Spain)

‘The four post-covid trends insurers should tap into’
(keynote conference ‘Magic of Innovation’, Vienna, Austria)

‘Reinventing customer engagement with new advanced technologies’
(guest lecture CAS Digital Insurance Transformation, University of Sankt Gallen, Switzerland)

‘The four post-covid trends insurers should tap into’
(keynote conference Italian Insurtech Summit, Milan, Italy)

‘Trends in insurtech for health insurance’
(executive session VGZ, Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

‘The impact of fintech and insurtech on banking and insurance’
(guest lecture Durham Business School, United Kingdom)

‘What if Google was a bank?’
(webinar for Google)

‘Insurtech makes the future of insurance exciting’
(keynote Magic of Innovation, Vienna, Austria)

‘Advanced data analytics to accelerate digital transformation’
(executive session AEGON, The Hague, The Netherlands)

‘Insurtech and digital engagement innovation’
(keynote executive seminar Munich Re, Madrid, Spain)

‘Reinventing Customer Engagement’
(keynote Związek Banków Polskich, Warsaw, Poland)

‘Reinventing Customer Engagement’
(keynote Chris Skinner’s Financial Services Club, London, United Kingdom)

‘Engagement innovation in retail banking’
(keynote EFMA Banking Transformation, Barcelona, Spain)

‘Fintech, insurtech and the future of banking and insurance’
(guest lecture UCL, University College London, United Kingdom)

‘Advanced data analytics and the new future of insurance’
(keynote global data analytics conference AEGON, Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

‘The internet of things, new data streams, new insurance narratives’
(keynote global conference NN Group, Rotterdam, The Netherlands)

‘How to respond to new digital technologies and changing customer behaviour’
(keynote executive seminar FINVA, Helsinki, Finland)

‘Insurtech and innovation in insurance’
(keynote client event Bertelsmann Arvato, Dusseldorf, Germany)

‘Digital trends and implications for life and non-life insurance’
(executive seminar Topdanmark, Copenhagen, Denmark)

‘Fintech and engagement innovation in banking’
(keynote pre-Finovate event Microsoft, Level 39, London, United Kingdom)

‘Customer centricity in life and pension insurance’
(permanent education seminar non-executive board, Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

‘Financial services innovations from The Netherlands’
(keynote AMC Forum, Dusseldorf, Germany)

‘New ways to engage with pension customers’
(executive seminar pension funds, Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

‘Customer engagement and the role of payments’
(keynote Eurogiro Community Meeting, Istanbul, Turkey)

‘Reinventing customer engagement’
(keynote Microsoft TechFest Executive Briefing, Seattle, USA)

‘Reinventing customer engagement in private banking and wealth management’
(executive seminar, Zurich, Switzerland)

‘New ways to engage with bank customers’
(executive seminar, Moscow, Russia)

‘Customer experience design 2.0’
(guest lecture Erasmus University, Rotterdam, The Netherlands)

‘Innovation in banking: creating true customer experiences’
(FS! Excellence Round Table, Zurich, Switzerland)

‘Reinventing customer engagement’
(webinar Backbase)

‘New value in private banking; for clients and for the bank’
(executive seminar, Luxembourg)

‘Reinventing customer engagement in retail banking’
(executive seminar Swiss Bankers Circle, Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

‘Customer experience innovation’
(Masterclass ‘Customer Experience Design in Financial Services’, Milan, Italy)

‘Reinventing Customer Engagement in Financial Services’
(conference ‘Money of the Future’, Moscow, Russia)

‘Customer experience management in multinational financial institutions’
(executive conference, Rotterdam, The Netherlands)

‘Winds of Change. Welchen Einfluss haben die sechs wichtigsten Verbrauchertrends auf die Versicherungsbranche‘
(AMC Forum, Cologne, Germany)

‘Reinventing customer experience’
(conference ‘Customer Experience Transformation in Finance’, London, United Kingdom)

‘Customer experience redesign‘
(conference ‘Umbruch steuern‘ (managing disruption), Munich, Germany)

‘Mobile payments, big data and customer engagement’
(executive seminar, Zurich, Switzerland)

‘Die wichtigsten Verbrauchertrends für die Finanzindustrie der Zukunft’
(AMC Forum, Düsseldorf, Germany)

‘Qué esperan los consumidores de los bancos y aseguradoras del futuro’
(New Banking and Financial Forum conference, Mexico City)

‘Reinventare i servizi finanziari. Practice e idee dai mercati esteri’
(Future Financial Services conference, Milan, Italy)

‘Customer experience design and winning business models’
(FINVA conference ‘The Future of Financial Services – New Possibilities and Business Models’, Helsinki, Finland)

‘Wie sich die Finanzbranche neu erfindet’
(executive seminar, Zurich, Switzerland)

‘Reinventing customer experiences’
(Microsoft pre-Finovate meeting, London, United Kingdom)

‘Engaging customer experiences and the multichannel challenge’
(excutive seminar, Paris, France)

‘Banking 2020’
(executive seminar, Helsinki, Finland)

‘Customer centricity’
(symposium University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

‘The six consumer trends that set the stage for the future of financial institutions’
(Next Bank Europe, Rome, Italy)

‘The future of banking: let’s help consumers design their future’
(‘Let’s design the future’ conference, Istanbul, Turkey)

‘From online advise to engaging customer experiences’
(Emerce eFinancials, Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

‘Customer centricity in service industries’
(conference Association for Service Management International , The Netherlands)

‘From consumers trends to essential innovations in insurance’
(executive seminar, Madrid, Spain)

‘Global best practices in customer centricity in banking’
(executive seminar, Singapore)

‘Reinventing financial services’
(advanced management course Paneurópskej Vysokej Škola, Bratislava, Slovakia)

‘The future of banking. What customers expect’
(annual conference ‘Corporate Banking Interbancario’, Associazione Bancaria Italiana, Rome, Italy)

‘Key consumer trends in wealth management and private banking’
(conference ‘Wealth management and private banking’, Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

‘The future of branches’
(executive seminar ‘Inspirations 2020’, Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

‘The self directed future of private banking’
(executive seminar, Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

‘Consumer trends that will change the pension industry’
(executive seminar, Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

‘Setting the stage for the future of banking’
(International Cards and Payments Conference, University of Oxford, United Kingdom)

‘Financial services reset – best practices from across the globe’
(the Russian Bankers Strategy Club, Moscow, Russia)

‘Wie sich die Finanzbranche neu erfindet’
(guest lecture Humboldt-Universität, Berlin, Germany)

‘Key consumer insights that drive mobile banking’
(conference ‘Mobile Banking 2.0. The new landscape of banking’, Zurich, Switzerland)

‘Customer centricity and compliance’
(executive seminar, Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

‘What consumers expect from future insurers’
(exective seminar, Paris, France)

‘Inspiration for innovation’
(executive seminar, Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

‘Financial services reloaded’
(guest lecture International College of Economics and Finance of the State University Higher School of Economics, Moscow, Russia

‘The added value of financial advisors’
(conference European Financial Planning Association EFPA at Borsadiner, Barcelona, Spain)

‘Key consumer trends and future mobile services’
(conference ‘Mobile financial services, social intelligence, and the retail experience’, Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

‘Customer centric change’
(VODW executive seminar at Emerce eFinancials, The Netherlands)

‘Global game changers in retail banking. Customer centric strategies from around the world’
(BAI Retail Delivery conference ‘Powering breakthrough banking’, Chicago, USA)

‘Customer centric change in financial services’
(ESADE Business School, Barcelona, Spain)

‘The impact of consumer trends on payments’
(executive seminar Euro Banking Association, Brussels, Belgium)

‘Reinventing Financial Services’
(guest lecture Haaga-Helia University, Helsinki, Finland)

‘What private investors expect from their advisors’
(Fondsevent ‘Connectivity’, Utrecht, The Netherlands)

‘Consumer trends and required life insurance industry changes’
(LIMRA European Annual Meeting ‘An industry for all ages’, Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

‘Integrity and customer centric change’
(Nederlands Compliance Instituut, Nijenrode Business School, The Netherlands)

‘The rise of self directed private banking clients’
(Fund Forum International, Monaco)

‘Reinventing direct banking’
(Executive seminar, Frankfurt, Germany)

‘Human resources development: key to reinventing financial services’
(Conference ‘Financial education across the Nordic countries’, Finanssektorens Arbejdsgiverforening – The Danish Employers’ Association for the Financial Sector, Copenhagen, Denmark)

‘Social media strategies’
(Conference ‘Social media in a corporate context’, Communicate Magazine, Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

‘Reinventing private banking’
(Executive seminar, Zurich, Switzerland)

‘Consumer trends and financial planning’
(EFPA – European Financial Planning Association, Rotterdam, The Netherlands)

‘The impact of global consumer trends on smart cards and digital security’
(Gemalto Forum, Paris, France)

‘Co-creation of financial services’
(Guest lecture, Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands)

‘Reinventing insurances’
(Executive course Verbond van Verzekeraars – Association of Insurers, The Hague, The Netherlands)

‘Reinventing online banking’
(Executive seminar, Madrid, Spain)

‘Dramatic changes in consumer expectations’
(Fourth ING Stakeholder Dialogue – ING in Society, Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

‘Reinventing retail banking’
(NVB – Nederlandse Vereniging van Banken, Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

‘Global online best practices’
(Emerce eFinancials, Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

‘Reinventing financial services’
(Knowledge & Network, Zurich, Switzerland)

‘Reinventing financial services. What consumers expect from future banks and insurers’
(International executive seminar, Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

‘Global trends in online insurance models’
(conference ‘Internetverzekeren’, Rotterdam, The Netherlands)

‘New consumer trends and the new marketing model for asset management’
(Fund Forum International, Monaco)

‘The bank of the future and the consequences for bancassurance’
(Bank Partnership Network, Zurich, Switzerland)

‘The impact of consumer trends on distribution strategies’
(conference ‘Distributiestrategieën voor banken en verzekeraars’, Rotterdam, The Netherlands)

‘Customer perspectives on the financial of the future’
(conference Holland Financial Centre, Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

‘Reputatiemanagement van pensioenfondsen, een boeiend onderwerp’
(conference ‘Pensioen Bestuur & Management’)

‘Hypotheek op de toekomst?’
(’14de Nationaal Hypothekencongres’, Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

‘The online future of finance. New perspectives for mass affluent brokers’
(conference Zurich Financial Services, Switzerland)

‘Restore – Rethink – Rebuild’
(DUFAS Investment Management Forum, Wassenaar, The Netherlands)

‘No more mulligans!’
(Mortgage Seminar, Gleneagles, Scotland)

‘Opportunities knock!’
(Intertrust Forum, Chamonix, France)

‘How to restore trust’
(Ministry of Finance, The Hague, The Netherlands)

‘The future of finance is Easy’
(Nijenrode University, The Netherlands)