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850 Decision makers of more than 250 companies representing 40 countries from all 6 continents turned the second edition of Digital Insurance Agenda (DIA) into a massive success and confirmed that DIA is the largest ‘must see’ insurtech event worldwide.
Check here for more info.

Eight thought leaders on stage at DIA Amsterdam

Eight thought leaders on stage at DIA Amsterdam

We’re excited that Amelie Oudea Castera (CMO and chief digital officer AXA Group), Lee Ng (COO MetLife’s Lumenlab Singapore), Jamie Macgregor (SVP insurance Celent), Mark Klein (chief digital officer ERGO Group), Michael Lebor (SVP global marketing & innovation AmTrust Group), Egbert van Acht (CEO health & wellness Philips), Gregor Gimmy (head of BMW Startup Garage) and HRH Prince Constantijn of The Netherlands (special envoy StartupDelta) all accepted our invitation to share their vision on stage at DIA Amsterdam.

More info at www.digitalinsuranceagenda.com

Spring speeches in Amsterdam, Madrid and Warsaw

Spring speeches in Amsterdam, Madrid and Warsaw

Chris Skinner invited us to speak at the Polish Financial Services Club in Warsaw. Other speaking engagements include executive seminars for AEGON in Amsterdam and for Munich Re in Madrid.

Invited to write an article in The Insurtech Book

Invited to write an article in The Insurtech Book

The Insurtech Book is the sequel of the bestseller The Fintech Book and will feature some 75 thought leader articles on the latest tech in insurance. We’ve been selected to write about how insurtech can improve customer engagement.

Great crowd at book launch Amsterdam

Great crowd at book launch Amsterdam

Close to a hundred members from the financial services community attended the launch of ‘Reinventing Customer Engagement’ in Amsterdam. On stage Kasper Sylvest Olsen of Danske Bank explained about the amazing success of MobilePay. Jean-Charles Velge of Belgian insurtech Qover gave a sneak peek of their disruptive new insurance play. And of course plenty of drinks afterwards.

Book launch London on March 22

Book launch London on March 22

Chris Skinner invited us to present Reinventing Customer Engagement to City bankers and insurers at the Financial Services Club on March 22. Just drop me a line if you would like to attend.

Book launch Amsterdam on March 7

Book launch Amsterdam on March 7

We’ll celebrate the launch of our new book Reinventing Customer Engagement on 7th March in the auditorium of Dauphine in Amsterdam. The event will include interviews with top individuals from insurtechs and innovative banking by myself and my co-author Reggy de Feniks, follow by a drinks reception of course.

Already more than 300 insurance executives will attend DIA Amsterdam (10-11 May)

Already more than 300 insurance executives will attend DIA Amsterdam (10-11 May)

DIA Amsterdam will most certainly top the success of the previous DIA edition. After announcing the event beginning of January, so in just a few weeks, no less than 300 insurance executives, insurtech leaders and investors have registered already. Participants that will join us so far come from 26 different countries from all continents, From Norway to South Africa and from Canada to Taiwan.
Check www.digitalinsuranceagenda.com/dia-amsterdam for more info.

Our new book ‘Reinventing Customer Engagement’ is ready!

Our new book ‘Reinventing Customer Engagement’ is ready!

We just received the first copies of our new book ‘Reinventing Customer Engagement. The next level of digital transformation for banks and insurers’! With digital transformation becoming mainstream, it is time to raise the bar. The book provides three clear practical guidelines to move from ‘digital transformation to restore the past’ to ‘digital transformation to create a future’.

LID Publishing and in particular designer Caroline Li did an awesome job. Official launch date is end of February but presales already started at Amazon.co.uk

Sneak peek speeches in Helsinki, Barcelona and London

Sneak peek speeches in Helsinki, Barcelona and London

Sneak previews in our forthcoming book ‘Reinventing Customer Engagement’:
I’ll do a session at the executive education program of FINVA, the Finnish association of financial institutions, in September.
EFMA invited me to do a keynote at the 44th Banking Transformation conference in Barcelona.
Furthermore, I’m honoured to do a guest lecture at the prestiguous London University College in November.

Seven flavours of insurtech

Seven flavours of insurtech

We wrote this long article in Life SREDA’s ‘Money of the Future’ annual trend report to create some order in the incredible amount of insurtechs that are around. Rather than distinguishing technologies we took the added value for insurance carriers as point of departure.

Innovation in insurance

Innovation in insurance

Interview on the triggers and barriers of innovation in insurance, published in AM (in Dutch).

DIA Barcelona huge success

DIA Barcelona huge success

550 Insurance industry thought leaders from 200 companies from 36 countries attended the first edition of DIA Barcelona.
50 fintechs presented their solutions to accelerate innovation and digital transformation in insurance.

‘Seven flavours of insurtech’ deep dives

‘Seven flavours of insurtech’ deep dives

We wrote deepdives on two of the seven flavours; ‘Ten insurtechs for dramatic cost savings’ and ‘Ten insurtechs for superb customer engagement’.
Available in English at diabarcelona.com and banknxt.com, in German at pfefferminzia.com, in Spanish at adnseguros.es, and in Dutch at vodw.com, finno.nl and emerce.com.

Spring sessions in Amsterdam and Berlin

Spring sessions in Amsterdam and Berlin

I will be sharing the latest views on innovation and digital transformation in banking and insurance at board sessions in Amsterdam and Berlin as well as in a keynote at the RiskMinds Insurance conference that will take place at 22 March.
Furthermore, I will focus on the same topics at NRC Live at 11 May and at the am:innosurance conference at June 27th.

Setting the Digital Insurance Agenda

Setting the Digital Insurance Agenda

Together with Reggy de Feniks (also co-author of ‘Reinventing Financial Services’ and forthcoming ‘Reinventing Customer Engagement’) and Conny Dorrestijn (listed in the Top 50 Women in Fintech) we launched DIA (Digital Insurance Agenda). DIA is the first worldwide community connecting insurance executives with fintech leaders. Our mission is to accelerate innovation in insurance. The two day DIA Barcelona conference is scheduled to take place in April 2016.

Blue Sky interview

Blue Sky interview

14 May 2015
This month’s issue of the magazine of pension fund Blue Sky Group includes an interview with yours truly, about innovation in the pension sector.

Executive dinner with financial services thought leaders

Executive dinner with financial services thought leaders

Inspiring and enjoyable Executive Dinner in Barcelona with over 20 top executives and thought leaders from all over the globe. Each of them disrupting financial services, and therefore included in our books Reinventing Financial Services & Reinventing Customer Engagement.
@Restaurant Agua, Barcelona.

Spring speeches in London, Dusseldorf, Brussels and Amsterdam

Spring speeches in London, Dusseldorf, Brussels and Amsterdam

3 January 2015
Will do a pre-Finovate speech at Canary Wharf London, in Europe’s largest technology accelerator space for finance, Level39. We were invited by Microsoft to give a sneak preview of our forthcoming book Reinventing Customer Engagement.
AMC Forum invited me to do a keynote at their annual conference in Dusseldorf.
Furthermore, I hope to inspire several boards and management teams in sessions in Amsterdam and Brussels.

Now also available in Mandarin

Pleased to announce that our book is now also available in Mandarin. We are currently planning the launch. ICBC will host the event in Beijing. Will keep you posted!

Front page Het Financieele Dagblad

ING Bank announced that the bank intends to explore how customer data can be turned into new services for advertisers.
The announcement resulted in lots of discussion in the press and in social media.
Next day Het Financieele Dagblad featured this article on its front page.
Read the article >

Focus on customer experience

The single most important way to restore trust in financial institutions is to connect to consumers more often and to provide more added value in every contact.
Read the interview in Dutch insurance magazine AM Plus


Launch Italian edition 22nd May in Milan

‘Reinventare i Servizi Finanziari’ will be presented at the ‘Future Financial Services’ conference that will take place at Hotel Principe di Savoia in Milan. Other speakers include executives of Intesa Sanpaolo, Banca IBL, UniCredit Group and Zurich Financial Services.

For more info about the conference or the Italian edition please contact Marcella Frati, the third author of this edition at mfrati@emfgroup.it

Summer key notes in Mexico City, Kiev and Helsinki

Roger is invited for the key note at New Banking and Financial Forum 2013 that will take place at May 16 at the Four Seasons in Mexico City.
To register click here 

At May 23 Victoria Palomino Yasinetskaya, colleague and third author of the Russian edition of our book, will speak at Future Wealth 2013 in Kiev about ‘reinventing private banking’.
To register click here 

‘The Future of Financial Services. New possibilities and business models’ is the conference organized by FINVA, the Finnish association of financial institutions, at June 11 in Helsinki.
To register click here

VODW: Net Promoter Score of 44%!

Quite proud that according to the annual survey among clients VODW scores an NPS of no less than 44%.

Furthermore, the survey revealed that customer centricity and innovation are on the top of the 2013 agenda of executives.

Retail Banking prospects

Russian bankers magazine Банковский ритейл includes the first part of an interview with among others Chris Skinner, Brett King and Christoph Langlois – and Roger

Link to pdf

Speaking and attending Finovate London

We will be speaking at the pre-Finovate meeting of Microsoft about ‘reinventing customer experiences’.
Obviously we will be attending Finovate the 12th and 13th.
Follow us on twitter for a live report.

Customer experience design in private banking

Das Investment, a leading German magazine for bankers and financial advisors includes an interview about customer experience design in private banking. Private banks say they listen to their customers but in reality they stick to obsolete conventions.

The future of distribution channels

Our article series in Traders Journal continues. The latest issue include a contribution by Hans-Peter Schwintowski, professor at Humboldt University Berlin, about the future of channels in insurance.

Financial literacy in the Nordics

German magazine Traders Journal features an interview taken from our book: Mads Helleberg Dorff Christiansen talking about the financial literacy program of Danske Bank.

Big data: big hype – in Dutch

Big data efforts of banks and insurer should focus on creating better conversations with customers and new added value. Read more in our article in MarketingTribune.


Big Data. Big Hype?

New blog at BANKNXT. In our view current big data projects focus too much on efficiency and risk reduction  leaving a huge opportunity untapped: using big data for better conversations with clients and providing new added value.

Allianz and simplicity is One

Second article in German magazine Traders Journal based on our book. Christian Deuringer, global brand director Allianz, reveals how Allianz is implementing the concept of simplicity across the globe.


Speaking at Next Bank Europe in Rome

Next Bank, the leading banking conference that takes place each year is now coming to Europe. Other speakers include Chris Skinner, Brett King, Christophe Langlois.

Next bank Europe will take place at 11 October in Rome, Italy.

Celebrating 400th anniversary of Turkey – Netherlands diplomatic relations

Garanti Bank and Eureko Sigorta invited us to speak at the ‘Let’s design the future’ conference that will take place at 3 October in SALT Galata in Istanbul Turkey.

The conference is one of the festivities to celebrate the 400th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Turkey and The Netherlands.

Launch German edition

A press meeting in Berlin with Roland Boekhout (CEO ING DiBa), Gerd Billen (president German consumer protection association)  and Walter Capellmann, the third author of the German edition, kicked off the launch. Der Tagesspiegel and Die Welt are among the newspapers that reported about the event.

The book is now available at bookstores across Germany and at all the obvious online options. Have a look at the video of our publisher!

Reinventing financial services – also in Chinese!

We are proud to announce that today we signed the contract for the Chinese language edition of ‘Reinventing Financial Services’ with China Financial Publishing House today. A big thanks to ICBC, the largest bank of China, that was instrumental in closing this agreement.

We will keep you posted on contributions from Chinese financial executives and launch dates.


Autumn speeches in Amsterdam, Moscow, Rome and Singapore

At 22 September we will do a key note at the ‘Wealth management and private banking’ conference in Amsterdam.

At 22 November we will speak at the annual conference ‘Corporate Banking Interbancario 2012’ of the Associazione Bancaria Italiana in Rome, Italy.

Furthermore, we will engage with financial executives at various seminars and workshops. Among others in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Moscow and Singapore.

VODW proud partner of TEDxAmsterdam

VODW entered a partnership with TEDxAmsterdam. The theme of the 2013 TED conference is The Young. The Wise. The Undiscovered. In search for the most inspiring ideas auditions have just taken place.

Customers first in El Mundo and MarketingTribune

Leading Spanish newspaper El Mundo features our article ‘Ante todos, los clientes’ (Customers first). article
Our article in Dutch MarketingTribune introduces the leverage points where banks and insurers can make customer centricity tangible. article

April and May: speeches in Oxford, Edinburgh, Berlin, Moscow

Friday 27 April we will share our vision on the future of financial services at the International Cards and Payments Conference that takes place at Oxford University.
Tuesday 15 May we will discuss ‘The Future of Cooperation Models and Partnerships’ at EBADay, the annual conference of the Euro Banking Association in Edinburgh.
Wednesday 23 May we will give a guest lecture at Humboldt-Universität in Berlin and fly on to Moscow for a key note speech at the Russian Bankers Strategy Club on Thursday 24 May.

The future of mobile banking: restore trust and become part of life

The Mobile Payments Guide 2012 ‘provides an in-depth look at the global mobile financial services ecosystem, with insights from key stakeholders and top-level industry thought leaders’. And for some reason we were also invited.
How the industry looks at mobile is a perfect example of Marshall McLuhan’s ‘horseless carriage syndrom’.
Read more in our article …
For the Mobile Payments Guide 2012, click here

What private banks can learn from Riva and Cartier

MarketingTribune features our article with Jean-Noel Kapferer, branding guru and author of ‘The Luxury Strategy’, the book he wrote with Vincent Bastien, former CEO of Louis Vuitton (in Dutch).

New articles in Russian and Spanish

Leading Russian financial magazine Analytical Banking Journal features a long article about Reinventing Financial Services. article
Spanish Borsadiner Professionales reports on the key note speech of Roger at a recent EFPA conference: new trends in asset management. article


Manuscript German edition ready!

We are pleased that the mauscript of the German edition of our book is now ready, and that so so many executives from leading instutions and highly acclaimed professors from Germany, Austria and Switzerland have contributed. Among others Roland Boekhout (ING DiBa), Christian Deuringer (Allianz), Markus Perlwieser (Deutsche Bank), Herbert Walter (former CEO Dresdner Bank), Horst Schmidt (Bethmann Bank), Amir Tabakovic (Schweizerische Post), Tilman Hengevoss (Zurich Financial Services), Otto Lucius (Karl Franzens University Graz), Marcel Beutler (Nettobank – Wegelin), Hans-Peter Schwintowski (Humboldt University Berlin), Matthias Kroener (Fidor Bank), Gianfranco Bisagni (UniCredit Austria) and last but not least Egbert Deekeling (Deekeling Arndt Advisors). Stay tuned for the launch date!

Finished the manuscript of the Brazil edition

Third author for this edition Karina Milare and Fabricio Fudissaku of TNS Brasil added a lot of research data and best practices from Brazil.
Furthermore it includes additional interviews and contributions from thought leaders such as Fabio Barbosa (former CEO Banco Real), William Salasar (Febraban – Federation of Brazilian Banks), Berry Marttin (Member executive board Rabobank Group) and Johnson Marques de Sousa (Mapfre).
The book is expected to launch in May.

It is all about customer centric change

Banking Review features our article on implementing customer centric change. We identified over 50 leverage points across the organisation where customer centricity shoud be tangible. Very useful to identify where you are now and to set the roadmap to a customer centric future. Read more…

Challenging times for private banks

This week’s MarketingTribune includes an article about the challenge of private banks. They need to redefine their business model in view of increasing costs transparency. At the same time they need to anticipate rapidly changing consumer demands.
Read article

Identity crisis

‘Muchas entidades financieras sufren una crisis de identidad’ is an interview in financial newspaper Expansion. Banks in many countries are experiencing an identity crisis. Also in Spain.
Read article

Meeting with the French financial press

Today we met with the French financial press. Benoit Legrand, CEO of ING Direct France, presented latest research. Proximity paradox: 55% of French consumers feel their bank is close to them. Customers of online bank ING Direct: 74%. Who needs branches?

From left to right: Roger, Benoit Legrand, Caroline Ollivier-Lamarque and Reggy.

Cocktail at Galerie Le Feuvre to celebrate the French edition

Co-author Caroline Ollivier-Lamarque organised a cocktail at Galerie Le Feuvre, in the middle of the Paris fashion district, to thank the contributors of the French edition. Drinks and finger food while discussing the latest country credit ratings, enjoying the art of JonOne and Lu Peng and of course … the book
Do visit the gallery when you are around. Franck Le Feuvre just composed a new exhibition: AmerIKONology. www.galerielefeuvre.com

Follow us on twitter

You can follow both Roger and Reggy on twitter. We will use twitter to share news about the book, upcoming events, but moreover interesting facts and best practices that we come across.
Twitter Reggy
Twitter Roger

Contribution to ‘Innopreneur’, a new book on innovation delivery

Ton Langerer just published his new book ‘Innopreneur’. They invited 101 innovation specialists to share their view on the key success factors of innovation. We were among the lucky ones and argue in the book that it all starts with the right, deep, true consumer insights. The book is published by Channel V Books and can be ordered at Amazon

Mobile payments don’t hurt

Article by Valborg Korthals Altes and Roger Peverelli in MarketingTribune (in Dutch).
When people pay cash the parts of the brain that become active are exactly the same when people experience pain. When credit cards are used there is substantially less activity in these brain parts. How about when people pay with their smart phone? Read more …

January 17th in Paris: Launch French edition of RFS

Curious how the financial community in France will react to our book. We will find out on January 17th. ING Direct France is so kind to host the launch event. Interested to come? Just send us an email.

Sorry – Sold out again! But fifth print is on its way.

Sorry, the English language edition of RFS is sold out again.
The fifth print will be available of the beginning of December. Of course we have taken this opportunity to update all consumer research data as well as best practices.

VODW Launches FuturEyes LAB: professionals co-creating service design

FuturEyes LAB is the VODW exclusive co-creation community. Goal of FuturEyes LAB is to co-create the service design of the future. The community is exclusively accessible to the expert crowd.
Would you like to participate as an expert? Or are you interested to use the wisdom and creativity of the FuturEyes LAB expert crowd to dramatically improve your service?
Please contact us at futureyeslab@vodw.com.

Launch Russian edition of RFS: December 8th in Moscow

Sergey Dubinin (Chairman VTB Bank), Oliver Hughes (President Tinkoff Credit Systems), Ivan Svitek (Chairman Home Credit Bank). Aleksey Levchenko (Chairman Renaissance Credit) and Sergey Yakovlev (Director of the International College of Economics and Finance ICEF) are among the thought leaders that contributed to the Russian edition of our book. The foreword is written by Sergey Leontiev, President of the Financial Group Life. Many thanks to our colleague Victoria Yasinetskaya who adapted the book!
‘Financial Services Reloaded’ will be presented on Thursday the 8th in Moscow. Probusinessbank kindly hosts the launch event. If you are interested to join this event, please send an email to vpalomino@9senses.com.

November and December speeches

We will share our view on ”The added value of financial advisors’ at the conference of the European Financial Planning Association EFPA at Borsadiner, Barcelona, Spain on November 24th.
At December 1st we will do a key note at the conference ‘Mobile financial services, social intelligence, and the retail experience’, The Hermitage, Amsterdam.
We are invited to give a guest lecture at the prestigious International College of Economics and Finance (ICEF) of the State University Higher School of Economics (HSE) in Moscow, Russia on Friday the 9th of December.
The 13th of December we will be speaking for the executive members of the Marbella Business Club in Spain.

Investment advisors overestimate their added value

Private investors and investment advisor think very different with regard to what is important in their relationship. Investment advisors overestimate the importance of their role. No less than 91% think their added value is significant. Unfortunately only 51% of private investors agree.
This is one of the results of a survey conducted by Fondsnieuws (part of leading financial newspaper Het Financieele Dagblad) and VODW in September. Read more (in Dutch)
or watch the video of the Fondsnieuws Event where the results were presented.
Link to video

Photograph by Binh Tran’

The true meaning of the wisdom of crowds

Interview with Roger Peverelli by Elizabeth Lumley of Finextra at the BAI Retail Delivery conference in Chicago. Social media are not only about communication and reputation. They are also about changing purchase drivers. And that might be even more important.
Link to video “day 2”

FinanzbuchVerlag publisher of German edition RFS

Proud to announce that FinanzBuch Verlag, the leading publisher for the financial community, will publish the German edition of our book.

Walter Capellmann is the third author of this edition. Walter is founding partner at Capellmann Consulting in Dusseldorf and has a wide experience in the financial industry, in and outside Germany.
The translation is currently taking place and we are in the process of interviewing executives of leading financial institutions in Germany, Switzerland and Austria; among others Herbert Walter, former CEO of Dresdner Bank.

Can fund managers get closer to customers?

Filmed at the FundForum International in Monaco, Kalpana Fitzpatrick speaks to Andrew Fisher, CEO at Towry, JP Rangaswami, Chief Science Officer at Salesforce.com and Roger Peverelli, looking at how fund managers can create value, the changing behaviour of consumers, and the role of the advisor.

Launch French edition of RFS beginning of December

We are pleased that Caroline Ollivier-Lamarque is acting as the third author for the French edition. She has a vast experience as a strategy and innovation consultant working for among others the large French financial institutions.
Among others Olivier Mariee (Global CMO AXA), Christian Saint-Étienne (member of the Council of Economic Advisers to the Prime Minister), Jean-Claude Larreche (professor at INSEAD), Guillaume Poli (Chairman Rothschild Financial Services) and Benoit Legrand (CEO ING Direct France) will be contributing to the French edition.
The book will be published by Pearson Education France.

Lack of connection between fund managers and consumers

In July we spoke at FundForum International 2011 on understanding how your existing and future HNW or retail client base is already fundamentally segmenting itself in new ways.
In an interview, with financial journalist Kalpana Fitzpatrick, Roger describes the six most important trends in consumer behaviour as well as the differences in global trends. He also states that there is a lack of connection and understanding between fund managers and consumers which is something that needs to change.

Huge gap in perception of price of investment advice

This is the result of research by VODW among bankers, advisors and clients. imagine an investment portfolio of 500,000 euro and a client asking for investment ideas on a monthly basis. Advisors think it would be appropriate to ask 6,200 euro per year for this level of service. Clients think it is not worth more than 3,800 euro per year.
This gap clearly sets the challenge for private banks and wealth managers now Dutch Minister of Finance De Jager is banning kick back fees and costs of advise and service have to be charged to clients transparently. Read more … (in Dutch)

Banks have connected to twitter; insurers are lagging

Tweets don’t spark enough dialogue yet. Recent research conducted by VODW took a closer look at how Dutch service providers are dealing with web care via Twitter. A striking outcome is that over half of the 300 tweets that were part of the research remained unanswered. Banks react the most to tweets (78%) while insurance companies react the least (37%). Read more …

The Spring Project. Co-creating a sustainable financial world

Just kicked off: The Spring Project, a not-for-profit initiative of ‘caring influentials’, who are committed to co-create a more sustainable future for the financial industry. The Spring Project is initiated and supported by Executive Learning Partnership and the Foundation “Encounter of World Views”, with support of The Duisenberg School of Finance, Deloitte, European Leadership Platform, the Stewardship Foundation and VODW. Read more …

Articles in El Mundo and Het Financieele Dagblad

Spanish newspaper El Mundo includes our article ‘Un cambio para sempre’. The article deals with the key issues that financial institutions face with regard to the necessary change.
Het Financieele Dagblad (the leading Dutch financial newspaper) features a one page essay on how to accelerate customer centric change. Expect an elaborate white paper on this subject in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

Key note speech at BAI Retail Delivery Chicago

Key note on ‘global game changers in retail banking’. Other speakers include President Bill Clinton, Howard Putnam (former CEO, Southwest Airlines) and Randi Zuckerberg (Facebook).
The European Banking Association (EBA) invited us to discuss the future of payments in retail as well as wholesale markets at October 6 in Brussels, Belgium.
A guest lecture is scheduled at ESADE Business School in Barcelona, Spain (October 18).

Key note speech at BAI Retail Delivery Chicago

key note on ‘global game changers in retail banking’. Other speakers include President Bill Clinton, Howard Putnam (former CEO, Southwest Airlines) and Randi Zuckerberg (Facebook).
The European Banking Association (EBA) invited us to discuss the future of payments in retail as well as wholesale markets at October 6 in Brussels, Belgium.
A guest lecture is scheduled at ESADE Business School in Barcelona, Spain (October 18).

September speeches and guest lectures

At the Annual LIMRA Europe conference at September 19 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, we will share our ideas on the future of life insurance .
Equens invited us to speak about ‘reinventing payment services’ at the Sibos Conference in Toronto at September 20.
Guest lectures scheduled: for the Dutch Compliance Institute at Nijenrode Business School, The Netherlands (September 14) and at Haaga-Helia University in Helsinki, Finland (September 29).

Reinventing Financial Services – the Brazil edition

Proud to announce a new edition of Reinventing Financial Services.
The Brazilian edition, in Portuguese of course, will be published by Campus Elsevier, the leading management book publisher in Brazil.

Reinventing Financial Services – the Russian edition

Our book will also become available in Russian. Business book publisher Mann, Ivanov and Ferber just started translation.
Like all new editions of RFS, also the Russian translation will include additional content: local best practices and interviews with industry thought leaders in Russian market.
We will keep you posted on publishing dates and other forthcoming editions!

Repositioning the City

Blamed for the recession and pilloried for its bonus culture, the UK financial services sector has become the whipping boy for the public, the media and politicians. So what can be done? Well, rather than muttering that it’s being picked on, it’s time for the UK financial services sector to address its image problem and set about changing perceptions itself. Communicate, the leading UK magazine on reputation management, issued a call to arms and among others asked us to offer manifestos for reputational change. No punches were pulled.

ING DiBa advises the financial community to read RFS

We are honoured that Roland Boekhout, CEO of ING DiBa, the leading direct bank in Germany and Austria, refers to our book in the foreword of the 2010 annual report of ING DiBa. In our opinion ING Direct is the posterchild of simplicity in financial services, and the massive success across the globe, also shown by the 2010 results of ING DiBa, proves that simplicity is the key to strike the right chord.

New RFS articles

Danish Finanswatch includes an interview titled ‘Strategi-eksperter: Lyt til kunderne eller tab’ – in English: Listen to customers or loose.

Leading Dutch financial newspaper Het Financieele Dagblad features an interview in which we argue that simplicity is the key to customer centric change: ‘Eenvoud is het nieuwe toverwoord’.

Austrian BankArchiv published ‘Die wahre Kraft von Online’, the German translation of the article ‘The true power of online’ that featured in EFMA journal earlier.

Dutch MarketingTribune includes an article on digital household budgeting tools.

Many banks offer one, and a lot of customers actually use them. Insurers seem to neglect these tools for customer empowerment. With some of these tools evolving to financial planning instruments that might be dangerous.

Launch of the Spanish edition of Reinventing Financial Services

The Spanish edition of Reinventing Financial Services has been officially launched.
In Barcelona the book was presented together with Carina Szpilka, CEO of ING Direct Spain and Jesús Domínguez, publisher of Financial Times Prentice Hall. The launch was attended by over 50 people, among which bankers and insurers of different financial institutions and representatives of governmental organizations.
In Madrid we were invited to present the book during Spain’s yearly conference ‘Expo Management’. Other speakers at this major event included: Tony Blair, Gary Hamel and Juan Enriquez (Harvard Business School)
These events are now followed by extensive media coverage.

Left to right: Roger Peverelli, Reggy de Feniks and Carina Szpilka, CEO of ING Direct Spain.


Presentation with Financial Times/Pearson at Expo Management, Madrid

RFS best selling management book in Spain

We are delighted to announce that the Spanish edition of Reinventing Financial Services already has become a best seller. At all large bookstores, such as the Relay shops at airports, the book hits the charts reaching a top 5 position so far.
Please check here for order information.

Spanish edition ‘Reinventar los Servicios Financieros’ for sale

The Spanish edition of Reinventing Financial Services is now for sale, among others at Casa del Libro, FNAC, El Corte Inglés, the bookshops of airports and train stations throughout Spain and online at www.fnac.es.

The e-book is for sale here. The Spanish edition includes updates and additional content specific for the Spanish and Latin American market.

Public appearances and discounts for our readers

The second of June we will be speaking at the ExpoManagement Conference in Madrid. Other speakers include Susan Greenfield, Gary Hamel and Tony Blair.

The 30th of June we will lead a discussion on ‘self directed private investors’ at FundForum 2011 in Monaco, the leading conference for asset managers and private bankers. A 15 percent discount if you use register here.

We will be in Copenhagen Denmark on 18 May to share our view at the Nordic Conference of the Danish Bankers Association.

May 10 we will be participating at the conference of UK magazine Communicate ‘Social Media in a Corporate Context’ in Amsterdam. Enjoy a 10 percent discount if you register at www.communicatemagazine.co.uk/VODW.

Range of RFS articles

EFMA Journal, the leading journal for financial services marketers, features our article ‘The true power of online’. So many banks and insurers are revamping their web presence. If only they would understand the true power of online …
Brazilian magazine Ideias includes ‘Reinventar é simples’. In this article we argue that simplicity is the key to customer centric change, and that simplicity cuts both ways: it increases cost efficiency but also brings additional top line growth.

Launch Spanish edition beginning of May

The Spanish language edition of Reinventing Financial Services is scheduled to be launched beginning of May. Just like the English language edition the book will be published by Financial Times Prentice Hall and distributed in Spain as well as Latin America. The Spanish edition includes updates and additional market research data from TNS Spain and extra interviews with executives from leading Spanish corporations, such as Banco Sabadell, Mapfre and CEO Enric Casi of fashion giant Mango. To preorder the book click here

Contract signed for Korean edition of Reinventing Financial Services

Proud to announce that the Korean edition of Reinventing Financial services will be published by Maekyung Publishing. Maekyung is the leading financial newspaper and magazine publisher in Korea, sort of the Financial Times of Korea.
The edition will also include additional ‘Korean’ content to increase relevancy for the Korean market.

Reinventing Financial Services in third print

In the first months after the launch Reinventing Financial Services seems to strike the right chord.
The book is already in its third print, and has been the best selling English language management book at www.buch.ch in Switzerland and at www.managementboek.nl in The Netherlands.
Editions in other languages are expected in the course of 2011.

Launched at executive seminar

The book is launched at an international executive seminar titled similarly on Wednesday September 15, exactly two years after the collapse of Lehman Brothers. During the executive seminar leading financial institutions such as Allianz, Barclays, Danske Bank Group and Zurich Financial Services shared best practices in customer centricity.
The seminar on customer centricity was attended by 150 bankers and insurers of 45 different financial institutions.

Reinventing Financial Services Seminar - Speakers Barclays, Zurich, Allianz, Dankse Bank Reinventing Financial Services Seminar

Left to right: Reggy de Feniks (9senses), Andrew Clayton (Allianz), Luis Badrinas (Zurich), Mads Helleberg Dorff Christiansen (Danske Bank), Peter Brooks (Barclays) and Roger Peverelli (VODW). Photographs by Norbert van Leijen